Monday, September 15, 2014

Volleyball Season Begins

It was a divide and conquer weekend of volleyball.  Cara and Erica both started their volleyball seasons on Saturday.  Cara was in Hartington at the Cedar Catholic Junior High Tournament and Erica was in Pender for a club ball 6th Grade Tournament.
Ashlin and I went to Hartington to watch Cara and the junior high girls play.  I am keeping scorebook again for the junior high girls.  Ashlin was the photographer for the day.
 The 8th Grade only has six girls out for volleyball this fall.  With only 10 girls in the whole grade, six was a good number to come up with.  Six girls are playing volleyball and four girls are running cross country.
 The tournament was two pools with three teams in each pool.  First, the girls played the two teams in their pool, Crofton and Allen.  Then they played a game against the #2 team coming out of the other pool, Ponca.
The girls lost to Crofton in two, but then bounced back and beat Allen in three sets.  Then lost in two to Ponca. 
These six girls have come so far together.  They played hard today without any subs.  It was just these six.  Going forward, a few 7th Grade girls will sit on the bench just in case of sickness or injury.  But, for this tournament it was just these six.
 They had some success today!  They never gave up when they got down and fought to get back in the game.  They ran the offense with bump, set and spike.  They ran their butts off to go after balls.  They had some success blocking at the net!  The parents and coach were so PROUD of them!  You could tell the parents were proud of them when after a game there were high-fives, hugs and pats on the back all around!
Justin, Keith and Erica had to leave Norfolk with Tom and Anna at 6:30 a.m. to be in Pender by 8:00a.m.  I am sorry that I have no photos from Pender.  Hopefully another parent will pass some on to me. Justin was one tired little boy when they got home.  I found him like this when I walked in from Hartington.  I was told that he cheered his heart out for those girls!  Erica and the 6th Grade team won the silver bracket at the Pender Tournament!  They went 3-1 in pool play.  Keith told me that they played very well and they played as a team! 

We may have had to divide and conquer to watch both the girls, but we were in both gyms via text messages flying back and forth with game updates.  Now, we have a couple weeks off before the next regular season game and tournament.  The girls head back to the gym to practice this week and work on improving their skills.

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  1. Wow -- good job girls! So fun to see the kids in sports, isn't it! Justin is too cute!!!

  2. Hooray for fall sports! It looks like the girls are having loads of fun this season!