Thursday, September 25, 2014

8th Grade "A" Team Earns a BIG Win!

Tuesday after school we headed to the Norfolk Junior High School for 4 games of volleyball against the Norfolk Public Junior High.  There were A & B games for both 7th Grade and 8th Grade.
 All of the games were very exciting!  Three out of the four games went to three sets.  The games were very close and both teams fought hard for the win.
 Our girls have never played anywhere that the junior high players are announced before the game.  They weren't sure what to do, but they enjoyed hearing the announcer say each of their names.
These girls both 7th & 8th graders won the 8th Grade A game!
The 7th Grade B Team lost in three sets, the 7th Grade A Team lost in two sets, and the 8th Grade B Team lost in three sets.  Then in the finale' of the night, the 8th Grade A Team won in three sets.  They never gave up all night and we were so proud of them on a great victory.  There were a few 7th graders that played up to help (and they played awesome) and give the 8th graders some subs.  They truly played as a team!
Emma, Bailey and Cara after the game. 
 A few Norfolk Public fans cheered for both teams.  Bailey cheered for both teams.  Emma and Cara watched Bailey run Cross Country last week, so, she returned the favor.  Another Norfolk Public student, Ryley, who was a student last year at Norfolk Catholic and played volleyball with these girls, came over after the game and gave the girls hugs also.
There were tears of joy shed by these six girls after the win!  There were hugs, high-fives, pats on the back, and congrats all around. One Mom rushed the floor after the last point and was in the huddle with the girls.  She also pulled Justin onto the floor with her.  Justin was a big cheerleader in the stands with the fans.  Coach Freese told the girls that Norfolk Catholic hasn't had a win over Norfolk Public's 8th Grade A team in years. 
The girls had a few other 8th Grade students show up to cheer on the girls also.  These kids are cross country runners.  The junior high football teams were playing in Pierce.  The 7th Grade football team lost, but the 8th Grade football team won 40-0.

I struggled all night sitting at the scorer's table keeping book.  When you keep book, you are not allowed to cheer for either team.  You must be impartial.  During one timeout, I was praying a few "Hail Mary's" for the team to pull out a win. 

Today after school we are back in the gym at Norfolk Catholic with junior high games against Christ Lutheran.  Hopefully we get a another win!

Take care,
Michelle Leader

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  1. How exciting! That must have been so hard to not cheer for your team! Good luck!