Monday, September 22, 2014

Midland University Volleyball Clinic

On Saturday morning, the kids and I headed to Fremont to Midland University for a FREE volleyball clinic.  Midland is also my college alma mater.  I found out about the clinic just a few days before hand.  Keith's secretary's daughter, Krystina, starts varsity for Midland.  She is a 6'3" sophomore middle hitter.
 The clinic was open to girls in 5th-8th Grade.  The assistant coach allowed Ashlin to also attend the clinic with her sisters.  The group of girls were welcomed to Midland by Assistant Coach Nicole.
 The girls practiced skills with the Midland volleyball players for an hour and a half.  Then they were treated to lunch by the college of pizza and gatorades.
 Then they got to attend a junior varsity and varsity match.  Midland was playing Briar Cliff that day.  Both the JV and Varsity teams won in straight sets.  Plus the day was FREE for the girls.
 Ashlin had a smile on her face the whole time because this was her first big volleyball clinic.  Usually she is too young to attend, but this time she could go with her sisters.

Justin and I watched the clinic a little bit, went to Gordman's shopping, ate lunch at Dairy Queen and then headed back to the college to watch some volleyball with the girls. 

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  1. A free clinic? No way! That rocks! What a great day!

  2. What a fun time and so good for your volleyball players! Love a freebie!

  3. That looks like a great opportunity. I played for years and loved the sport!