Friday, September 26, 2014

8th Grade Beats Christ Lutheran

 We were back in the gym last night for two games against Christ Lutheran.  The 7th Grade lost in straight sets, but the 8th Grade won in straight sets.
 The girls had their new warm-up shirts.  The 8th Grade each year gets to pick the design for that season's shirt.  There has been many problems with getting these shirts printed correctly.  The first time the order came in the shirts said "Lady Vikings" instead of "Lady Knights" and some of the names were wrong on the back.  The next order of shirts came in yesterday and the coaches shirts and my shirt were incorrect and they forgot to print one for one girl.  Oh well, the printing company is going to try again.
This was not a great win, but it was a win.  As a whole they did not play as well as they did on Tuesday, but they will take the win.

Take care,


  1. Third time may be a charm on those t-shirts! Congrats on the win.

  2. Congrats girls! Good job! Cute shirts!

  3. You guys are sooo busy! So glad you love to be in the gym! Hope you have a great weekend! My fam is headed your way soon for fall break -- October 11-14. I am staying home alone so I can save my leave time for a beach trip! HA HA!