Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Jobs

While growing up, your parents try to teach you a few life lessons along the way.  This summer was one of Cara's life lessons.  As parents, we made her apply for a summer corn detasseling job.  We wanted her to truly understand how hard you have to work sometimes to earn a dollar.  We wanted her to know that not every job in life is easy or without a little sweat or tears.  We also told Cara how great this job at 13 years old was going to look on a resume' going forward.

Cara didn't want to do it, but she applied at the end of the school year.  Around the first part of July, the phone call came that she had been hired and that the following week it was time to start work.

For three weeks, Cara got up at 5 a.m. to get dressed and eat breakfast to be on the bus at 5:45 a.m.  She got up every morning without complaining and got ready.  She would dress in long athletic shorts, a long sleeve t-shirt, knee-high socks, a rain suit and old tennis shoes.  The company provided her with safety glasses, gloves and a hat with a net.  There were days when she would come home caked in mud and wet up to her armpits.  But, she DID it and DID NOT quit or get fired.  Working in the cornfields is hot and wet work.  The kids have to pull out the corn tassels while walking down the corn rows.  Some rows are one mile long going one way.  Some days the farmers had just turned off the irrigation before the kids arrived at the field making it very muddy.  This is not easy work at all.

As parents, we told her to listen to her supervisors, follow the rules and work hard!  We told her not to get fired or quit because she was better than that!  We are so proud of her for completing three weeks of hard work.

The smile on her face when her pay check came in the mail was priceless!  She grossed a little over $800 dollars.  Plus, for completing the job, her Dad is going to pay her a bonus of $250.  Not bad for her first job that lasted three weeks and that she is only 13 years old!

Erica also did a part-time job this summer.  Occasionally, she would babysit for the two children that live in the house behind us.  One week she watched them every day.  Erica was very responsible with getting up early to watch Aiden and Addison.  She made them lunch, cleaned up the kitchen and dishes, picked up the house and played with these children.  Erica was proud of her paycheck at the end of the week also.  We were proud of her for being responsible and doing a great job!

Sorry there are no photos to go with this post, but Cara wouldn't let me take a photo of her in her detasseling attire.  She wouldn't even pose with her paycheck.  Oh well, maybe next summer she will let me get a photo.  The supervisor told the kids that finished the job that they are all hired for next summer if they want to come back and work the cornfields again.  Cara is really thinking about this - not a bad check for only three weeks of work.  Erica is thinking about joining her next summer because she will be old enough. 

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  1. I did that one summer -- it was SOOOO hard and so hot!! Great jobs Cara and Erica!!

  2. You know a big fan of kids with jobs. Yay!

  3. Way to go, girls! I, too, think part-time jobs are so important! I think Erica did a better job than our full time, well paid nanny! :)