Monday, August 4, 2014

Friends at the River

We were supposed to be on vacation last week and this week, but Cara was still working.  Cara's last day of detasseling was on Friday.  She was so glad for that three weeks of fun to be over!  Therefore, we have been patiently waiting for some fun and we all kept working.  Keith went to work, I went to work, Erica babysat for the neighbors and Cara went to work.
 Yesterday was our 4th time to go boating in the last week.  The kids got to take some friends and the boat was full.  Emma, Anna (aka Deuce) and Anna (aka Sauce) went along for a fun afternoon of boating.
 We commented when we got to the docks that we had never seen that many trailers parked in the parking lot.  The lot was completely full and boat trailers were parked on the grass and everywhere there was an open spot.  The river was really full with boats.
 Sauce fell off the tube while going with Justin.  He had stayed on the tube, but he jumped in to save her just in case.

 They wanted photos of them all jumping in!

 After jumping in, then a group "funny" photo was taken.  You can't see Justin very well and I'm not sure what happened to Ashlin because she had jumped in also.
It was a great afternoon at the river! 

Take care,


  1. Hooray for boating! It looks like you had sooo much fun! It sounds like Nick made a small fortune detasseling this summer!

  2. I want to try this! It has been years for me. Such fun.