Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Best Weekend in August - Part II

Day 2 at the Knox County Fair was Saturday and Saturday afternoon at the fair means wristband time.  The afternoon wristband time was from 1:00- 6:00 and a wristband cost was $20 each.  The kids rode the rides from about 1:30 until after 5:00.  Cara took a friend, Bailey, to go on rides with her.  The free style was the first ride of the afternoon for all five of them.  Justin was so excited that he was tall enough this year to go on all the big rides!

This is Cara and Bailey on Zero Gravity (a ride that spins in a circle and you get sucked against the wall and then the floor drops out).

They also went on the Zipper three times in a row.  No wonder Cara said that her stomach hurt.
The bumper cars and the big slide were the tamest things that Justin went on all afternoon.  He was so excited to be tall enough to ride the big rides.
Justin got off this pirate ride with Ashlin holding his head because he was so dizzy from spinning in circles.

In between a few rides, we walked over to check out the Bush Pullers Tractor Pull.  Justin was impressed with these high-powered tractors.  They are so LOUD!

After riding for hours, we ventured to Grandpa and Grandma Leader's house for supper.  The little ones stayed to play cards again.  Cara and Bailey cruised the midway for awhile looking for people they knew.  It turns out that Cara knows a girl from Wayne whose parents grew up in Bloomfield and her grandparents live in Bloomfield.  When Keith asked her a few more questions about this friend, it turned out that her grandfather used to be the high school football coach in Bloomfield.  Mr. Walling used to be one of Keith's high school teachers.  What a small world we live in!  Keith and I went to the Clay Walker concert.  Clay Walker put on a great show!

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  1. Love your best weekend posts. Jealous of your fun outing! We are no good at the fair.....so expensive here!

    LOVE the tractor pull!

  2. Fairs are sooo much fun. Sorry we couldn't join you this year. I bet the Clay Walker concert was sooo much fun. I love his old music!

  3. What a fun day. I used to be a huge Clay Walker fan!