Friday, August 22, 2014

Going to the K

If you have every been to a Kansas City Royals baseball game, then you know what it means to go to the "K".  The Royals play at Kaufman Stadium and when you walk in the gates, the staff greets you with "Welcome to the K" or "Have a great night at the K". 
 We went to Kansas City for a few days a few weeks ago.  Going to a Royals game was on the kids' list of things to do.  Therefore, one Monday we left home in time to drive to KC and get to the stadium for the first pitch at 7:10 p.m.  The Royals were playing the Athletics.
 The kids got to check out one of their favorite Royals, Alex Gordon.  He had some great defensive plays in left field.  It was Hy-Vee night at the game so we bought the cheap $8 tickets.  The kids enjoyed watching the game and especially the big screen between innings when fun activities are going on.
The Royals pulled out a 3-2 win and this win put them into first place in their division by a half game.  It was a good game, although the weather was a little chilly.

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  1. Love a trip to KC! What fun!!

  2. What a fun night at the ball park! There wasn't a cheap ticket left when Cory and Carson got there a couple of weeks ago! They were stuck paying the big bucks!

  3. We used to love games in KC! Such a great stadium.