Saturday, June 21, 2014

Viva Las Vegas - Part II

 So after checking into the Mirage Hotel and eating some lunch, we decided to go exploring.  Our first stop was the Forum Shops at the Caesar Palace.  This is an inside shopping center that makes you feel like you are in Greece.  In the center of the mall are some marble statues.  Keith took my photo by Zeus and Pegasus.
 The Forum contains many high-end stores.  You can see Gucci in the background.  We were just window shopping and taking in the sights, not much shopping going on.  Although I did try some sorbet samples and then ended up buying a small bowl of strawberry sorbet.  It was delicious and very refreshing!

 We did eat dinner one evening at Margaritaville, but on day one we just stopped in to get a drink.  I definitely had to get used to being able to walk around with an open container of alcohol. 
 While in the Venetian Hotel, we came across Carlos' Bakery Shop in the Grand Canel Shoppes.  If you watch TLC's Cake Boss, you are familiar with this bakery.  I wondered in and took a number to buy something.  I ended up buying two mini cannolis that cost me a small fortune.  But, I wanted to say that I had eaten something from the bakery.

 Later that evening, we went to Harrahs to watch the Dueling Pianos in one of the bars.  It was fun and entertaining!  We stayed until the piano show was over at 2 a.m.
 At some point, we found out that at the Casino Royale they had $1 Michelob light bottles of beer and $1.99 footlong hotdogs.  Just the perfect late night snack! 
 We went back to this place many times to get $1 beers!  The drinks and food in Las Vegas are expensive.  So, finding cheap beer was a definite plus!
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  1. What a fun trip!! Here's to $1 beers and yummy hotdogs! :)

  2. Vegas is sooo expensive! We loved the piano bars when we were there too!