Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tornadoes in Pilger

Our part of the state of Nebraska is making the national news this week because of the tornadoes that are ripping through our area and causing many families to lose their homes.  On Monday night, Pilger, a village of about 400 people, was hit by a duel set of tornadoes causing about 75-80% of this little town to be destroyed.  Pilger is about 20 miles east of Norfolk where we live.
 These are just a few photos that I copied off of a news page.  The clean-up efforts start today for this little town.  The storms continued last night north of us by Laurel and Coleridge (about 50 miles away).
 The stories in the media are both heart wrenching and of amazement of how families were huddling in basements, vaults, storage coolers, etc. to stay safe.  The storm has claimed to fatalities - one a 5 year old little girl and another older man. 
 The middle school in town was ripped in half, the main street buildings are destroyed, homes are gone, and all that was left standing of the Lutheran Church in town was the bell tower.  I cannot imagine coming up out of my basement and finding my house gone.
Please pray for these victims of this awful storm.  Also, please pray that the storms go away.  The weather service is predicting more storms for today and tonight in our area.

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  1. Praying for all your neighbors who have been affected by this. We are in for some rocky weather tonight.

  2. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I feel sooo bad for these families. The weather has been so scary there. Stay safe!

  3. These tornadoes were so terrible -- so sad. Praying for Pilger and the area.

  4. I saw this and thought of you all. So sad. :(