Thursday, June 19, 2014

Viva Las Vegas! Part I - Volcanoes and Fountains

On June 12th, Keith and I celebrated 15 years of marriage by flying off to Las Vegas.  Grandma Leader picked our kids up and took them to Bloomfield to spend some time.  This was a short get-away for without children.  We left on Thursday and flew home on Sunday.  This was our first trip to Vegas and did not know what to expect.
 We arrived in Las Vegas a little past noon, boarded our shuttle for the Mirage, and started exploring the strip and our hotel.
 The Mirage is the site of a water volcano eruption to music performance.  These shows are at night every 30 minutes from 8 to midnight.  People line up on the strip to view the short show and take photos and videos.
 We enjoyed the show so much that we watched it two times on different nights.

 We also walked down to the Bellagio Hotel to watch their water fountain show to music one night.  This show is put on for the public every 15 minutes and the music changes.
 The sidewalks are lined with people watching.  The show that we saw was to the music "Big Spender".  I thought it was very good and entertaining.

We were in Las Vegas to explore the sites, relax and have fun!  Neither one of us are gamblers, so, that activity was not on the list of things to do.

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  1. There is so much to do in Vegas without gambling. I loved going through all the different hotels, most you can spend a whole day in.

  2. What a great little getaway! Have never been to Vegas! Also not a gambler -- but the sights look lovely!

  3. I love Vegas and don't gamble, either. We've taken our kids twice and loved it!

  4. What a fun getaway! Vegas is so much even when you don't gamble. Honestly, I could people watch ALL.DAY.LONG! However, I hate how crazy expensive the food, drinks and tubes are there. It cost us $80 to rent two tubes and have two drinks and that was in 2001. I hate to see what it is now!