Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kelly's Softball

 The City of Norfolk is not having a city rec league for girls softball this summer.  This is very disappointing because that was an affordable and fun way for girls to be introduced to the game.  All of our girls have played in the city's program.  But, this year with there being no program, we thought that Ashlin just wouldn't play softball.
But this summer some friends wouldn't hear of this, therefore, Ashlin was asked to play on the Kelly's softball 8 and under team.  We hesitated for awhile, but then went for it.  All of her games are in town and she only has one game every Wednesday night.  Kelly's softball is one of three organized teams in Norfolk.
 Ashlin started playing a couple weeks ago during the Golden Girls tournament.  She borrowed a uniform from Anna (Sauce) and started playing.  The team is coach pitched.  Each girl gets five pitches to try and get a hit. 
 Ashlin has been playing third base mostly.  She has a strong enough arm to get the ball from third to first base.  During the tournament, she recorded a few outs and also in last week's game.  Ashlin's team even received medals after their last game for being in the tournament.
 In this photo, Ashlin is getting base running advice from Coach Tina.  Last game, Ashlin also played 1st base for part of the game.  She is having fun and learning some softball cheers.  I laugh at some of these little girls and their cheers.  You can tell the girls that have older sisters playing the game because they really know the cheers.
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  1. Looks like fun! Nice that she gets to play!