Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter at the Farm

On Saturday, we went to the farm for Easter.  My sister and her family were home from Minnesota so there were a few more to egg hunters.  Cara helped Aunt Holly hide the eggs and clues for the scavenger hunt. 
 Justin and Jack were paired together with easy clues to find their eggs.  Justin's job was to read the clues for them.  They ran from one end of the yard to the other and into the barn.  This clue was found on the seat of Grandpa's tractor.
 Julia's eggs were just scattered on the grass in the front yard.  She found her eggs three times while the other kids read clues to find their eggs.
 The clue was "Go to where Grandma parks her car".  The next clue was "Go to the dinner bell".

 Erica and Ashlin were paired together with harder clues.  But, when they got stumped, they knew to find Grandpa for help.  They had one clue down at the end of the lane, by a pair of Grandpa's boots, on the hay rack, etc.

 After the hunt was over, they all opened their eggs and started eating the treats inside.  Cara helped Julia.  Then they all played games of cards and board games.
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  1. What a fun Easter at the farm! Love the scavenger egg hunt!

  2. Looks like a fun Easter. I love the Easter Egg hunt with clues.