Monday, January 20, 2014

Loopy Yarn Scarf

Saturday was 4-H Project Day.  Erica and Ashlin were ready Saturday morning to sew, to be crafty and to be creative.  They each had selected 4 projects to complete that morning.  Erica's first project was a Loopy Yarn Scarf.  Each 4-Her started out by watching a 2-minute tutorial about how to make the scarf.  Next, Erica picked out a skein of Red Heart Swerve yarn.
 Erica had to find a space in the room to roll out her whole skein of yarn.  Then match the two end pieces together.  Make a slip knot around the palm of your hand with the two pieces of yarn, but do not pull tight.
 Next, wrap the yarn around the same hand you have the slip knot on and pull through the loop.  Try to keep your hand straight and still while you are doing this whole process.  When you have done the whole skein, you tie a knot at the end and viola' you are done.
This was definitely one of the easiest and fastest projects ever completed at 4-H Project Day.  It was so simple of a project that we are thinking about doing the project at an upcoming 4-H meeting so other kids can complete if they didn't get to attend project day or didn't pick this project.

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  1. Adorable sweater. I am sure she will get a lot of use out of it with all this crazy winter weather.

  2. Very cool! That is really neat!