Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Break Extension/Catch-Up

I am back!  I know I am behind on posting about Christmas and I am behind on reading blogs.  I took a break over the Christmas holiday!  The kids and I were supposed to be back at school today after our long Christmas break, but Mother Nature is not cooperating.  The temperatures in Nebraska are so cold today!  Our projected high for today is 1 degree without the wind chill figured in; therefore, school was called off due to the temperature.  It is not safe to be out in this freezing cold weather.  Therefore, the kids and I will take another day off.  I know this is not fair to Keith, who had to go to work today and work outside for awhile, but we are glad that Daddy is keeping the lights on so that our furnace can keep our house warm.
Today's assignment for me is to catch up on posts, both reading and writing.  So I will start with the Christmas Eve Kindergarten Pageant.
 Every year the Kindergarten class at Sacred Heart Elementary acts out the Gospel reading at the children's Mass.  I'm not sure how many years they have been doing this, but quite a few years.  A few years ago, they moved the Kindergarten pageant to before Mass instead of during Mass so that the students do not have to sit up by the altar without supervision.  Now they act out the story and then go sit with their parents for Mass. 
 When the sheet came home from school to sign up for the pageant, I had to talk Justin into participating.  He wanted no part of it.  I told him that all the Kindergarten students at Sacred Heart were to participate if they were in-town for Christmas.  I also told Justin that his three sisters were in the Christmas pageant also.  Finally, he said that he would do it, but that he wanted to be King Caesar.  I explained that not everyone gets to pick their part because there can only be one King, one Joseph, one Mary, etc.  Most of the students would play the parts of shepherds and angels.  Justin agreed that King Caesar was his first choice and an angel was his second choice.
Christmas Eve arrived and it was time to get Justin into the angel costume.  The same costume that his sisters also wore.  I wrapped a white sheet toga style and pinned it to stay in place.  Put the wings on him and then came the halo.  He wanted no part of the halo, telling me that boys do NOT wear them.  I took the halo along to church just in case.  Upon arrival, I pointed out that other boys that were angels had halos on.  Justin's reply without a smile, "Okay, I'll wear the dumb thing, but as soon as this thing is over, I'm taking it off."  Then he informed me that he was not going to do all of the actions to "Away in a Manger" because some of them were stupid.

Well, he made it through the play.  He was not a happy camper, very few smiles, and he did NOT do all of the actions to "Away in a Manger" either.  Upon returning to our seats he said to me, "I'm done.  Let's go home now.  I'm tired.".  I explained that we had to stay for Christmas Mass.  His response, "I am tired and I want to go home now."  He then put his head down on my chest and fell asleep for almost the entire Mass.  I guess he really was tired!

Take care,


  1. Oh you've gotta love boys! He makes a cute little angel even if he doesn't think so.

  2. Very cute angel! He must have been so tired! Hoping for a big warmup soon! Brrrrr!

  3. Bless his sweet sleepy angelic heart! He looks sooo cute!

    Hope it warms up soon. This weather is freakin' crazy and I am about to lose my mind!