Thursday, January 9, 2014

Korth Christmas

The Saturday after Christmas we went to the farm to celebrate Christmas with the Korth side.  We started off by having lunch.  The kids all sat around the dining room table and the adults all ate at the bar in the kitchen.  This probably should have been reversed so that the kids ate on the linoleum instead of the carpet, but Grandpa said that it was okay.
 Usually my Mom makes us take a big family photo before we can open presents, but Julia was napping during present time.  Nap time is not to be messed with either.  There are nine grandchildren, but Ashlin refused to be in the photo.  Plus, we almost didn't get this photo because Truitt had a major meltdown before this because he wanted to play instead of take a photo.  Better this than nothing.

 Grandma and Grandpa bought all the grandkids new pajamas.  Justin and Chase received knock-off lego kits.  Justin immediately had to find somewhere safe away from the babies to put his together.  He finished putting it together while we were still there.

 Grandma couldn't find pajamas long enough for Cara's long legs, so, she sewed a pair for Cara out of this zebra print material.  Grandma is altering them now to fit Cara better.  Cara got a good laugh out of Grandma making her a pair using the pajama bottom pattern that Cara used in 4-H for her sewing project.

 Along with her pajamas, Ashlin received a big box of puzzles.  Ashlin loves puzzles.  The grandkids also received Target gift cards to buy something they really wanted.
 Irelyn wasn't quite sure of everything, but she loved the crinkled paper.
 We gave my parents a renewal of their Nebraska Life magazine subscription.  Then we gave Grandpa a John Wayne movie DVD and a Ma & Pa Kettle DVD.  Grandpa laughed because he hadn't seen Ma & Pa Kettle in years.  I remember going to the Granada movie theater and watching them while growing up.  My Dad used to go to the movies to watch them.  We gave Grandma a gift certificate to her hairdresser.  Also, I crocheted her a scarf.
 My brother thought that we were going to take a family photo, but he was the only one to take a seat on the couch by Mom and Dad, so, my sister and I took his photo with them.
We spent the day playing P-I-G (usually referred to as spoons) for prizes in grocery sacks.  Later we the Korth traditional Christmas supper of taverns and Wragge hotdogs with chips and bars.  While growing up, every Christmas Eve that is what we ate after coming home from church.  Although the people in attendance has changed, the meal hasn't.  It was a good day with family.

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  1. Fun Christmas!! Love those holiday traditions, don't you!

  2. What a fun family Christmas! Looks like you guys had lots of fun and got lots of nice gifts.

  3. It looks like you had a great time with your side of the family! We are celebrating with my crazy side tomorrow at Coco Key! Whooo hoooo!