Thursday, January 30, 2014

Catholic Schools Week

This week is Catholic Schools Week and there are activities planned every day this week. 
 On Tuesday was "Sock it to Satan" Day.  Each student PK-12th was invited to wear their craziest socks to school.  Then in the afternoon the students were divided into 4 groups and they made a rosary out of balloons and then released it in the parking lot to float away.
Justin is on the end in the orange shirt.  Sorry the quality is so bad, but when I went to resize the photo bigger it lost its clarity.
 Monday was "We Are Saints Day".  Each student was encouraged to dress as their favorite saint.  Justin went as St. Sebastian, the patron saint of athletes.  He wore his baseball shirt, baseball cap, and sweatpants.  Ashlin was St. Elijah, the patron saint of sleep.  She wore a pair of pajamas to school.  I put on one of my aprons and stuck a few kitchen utensils in the pockets for St. Elizabeth of Hungary, the patron saint of bakers.  We had many students dressed as St. Mary, the mother of God.
Wednesday was dress-up day with an all school Mass.  Today is PeaceBuilder/House Day.  Each student may wear a peace builder t-shirt or their house shirt with uniform pants.  This afternoon the students are being treated to movies and snacks.  Tomorrow, Friday, is a Spirit Jeans Day with a talent show and ice cream in the afternoon.  There is also a penny war going on all week between the classes.  The winning class from the Elementary receives a day out of uniform and the winning grade from the High School receives an afternoon at the movies.  The week is closed with a soup and sandwich feed during the boys basketball games on Friday night.

Also this week the students have collected socks for the city of Norfolk's backpack program.  We have also been collecting food for the Salvation Army.  It has been a busy week at school.

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  1. We LOVE our Catholic Schools! Talent show today at ours and ice cream sundaes tomorrow. But boo hoo - parents are not invited for the ice cream! Looks like a great week at your school!

  2. What a fun week at school! Love your spirit and how much you give back to the community!