Monday, November 18, 2013

YMCA 5-on-5 Spirit League Basketball

I feel like we just finished volleyball season, but basketball season is starting.  Cara has already been practicing basketball for about 3 weeks and has her first junior high game next week.  Erica decided to join a 5th Grade team from school that is going to the YMCA Spirit 5-on-5 league.  Ashlin is playing on the YMCA recreational basketball league.  Justin wants to go to Itty Bitty Basketball Clinic at the YMCA.  Then after Christmas, Cara and Erica will start playing tournaments on the weekends for Club Basketball. 
Team huddle
 Erica's team had their first practice on Saturday and then started playing games yesterday.  The girls are being coached by Michelle (CeCe's Mom) and Tonja (Alexis' Mom).  Both of these Moms played basketball in college, so, the girls are in very good hands.  The coaches are stressing skills, learning the game, teamwork, sportsmanship and above all, having FUN
 Some of the girls have never played basketball before, so, everyone is learning.  Erica is one of the girls that has never played basketball before.  She has never shown an interest, but after hearing the girls talk about it at school, Erica is giving the game a try.
 The girls played a team from Columbus and Crofton in games yesterday.  The team from Crofton has been practicing for 3 weeks already.  One Crofton Dad commented that for our girls to only have one practice, he thought they played a pretty good game.
 The girls played hard both games and they never gave up.  Everyone got to play equal playing time.  They had some success, but they need more practice.  By the end of the season, they will be playing as a much improved team.

 Erica had fun playing is ready to learn more about the game.  We asked her to give basketball a chance and she is giving her best. 
These brothers had a mini game of their own going on before one game started.  It was two boys in 2nd Grade (Nolan and Dillon) against the two boys in Kindergarten (Jack and Justin).  They can only sit for so long in a gym watching their sisters play.

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