Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Junior High Basketball First Game

 The Junior High girls kicked off their basketball season yesterday with two games against Boone Central/Newman Grove.  The 7th grade game was first.  We only had four girls available to play, therefore, we have a 7th/8th grade combined team.  There are only six 7th grade girls out for basketball and one girl is hurt and another girl is on vacation in Florida this week.  Therefore, only four girls, so they moved four 8th grade "B" team girls down to play.
 The junior high girls have been practicing for about three weeks.  They are coached by Mr. Hale (the athletic director), Mr. Bamsey and Mrs. Bohacek (volunteer coaches that have children attending Norfolk Catholic). 
 The first game was a hard fought game filled with quite a few turnovers (which are expected in the first game).  Cara's team lost in a 11-14 game.  Many shots were taken, but they just would not fall for either team.  Many shots would roll around the rim or sink part way only to fall back out.  This was frustrating, but the coach told the girls to keep shooting.
 The girls need to work on free throws, lay-ups and boxing out.  As the game went on the girls started playing more aggressive.  The girls were upbeat after the game, even if it was a loss and ready to play again.  They will play this team again in a few weeks in the Norfolk Catholic Tournament.  Boone Central played two girls (I believe they are twins) down low that were as tall as Cara, but outweighed Cara by quite a bit.  Our girls had to work hard against these two girls.
 The Norfolk Catholic 8th grade team came home with a victory in a 46-18 game.  The 8th grade team created many turnovers and converted on fast break opportunities in their win.  Both teams played hard and have the opportunity to improve before their next game.
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  1. Wow -- looks like fun -- great winter indoor sport! Your shopping buddy says she will really miss you on Black Friday! Have a great holiday!