Friday, November 9, 2012

Prayers for Isaac

Today I am asking for "Prayers for Isaac".  On Tuesday night during Norfolk Catholic's football game, this senior linebacker was injured making a tackle.  Isaac was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital and then later flown to Omaha with a spinal cord injury.  On Wednesday morning, he was taken into surgery to repair his C1 and C6 vertebrates.  He is a very scared young man who does not have feeling in his legs.  The doctors have said that they will know in 72 hours of surgery if Isaac will fully recover from this injury.  The doctors were very optimistic after surgery.  But, Isaac has a long road ahead of him toward recovery and returning home to Norfolk.

I do not know this young man personally, but I do know his parents, Neil and Becky, and his youngest brother, Eli.  Many Norfolk Catholic students, staff and parents could be seen today wearing buttons with the photo above on them.

I ask you to pray for Isaac and his family.  The power of prayer is very powerful and I believe in it!

Take care,

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