Monday, November 5, 2012

Justin's Preschool Halloween Party

Justin's Preschool Class of 24 students.
 Halloween was a very busy day at school!  Each classroom had a Halloween party, the Sacred Heart Singers walked and sang at the Meadows, and the Kindergarten classes also walked and sang songs to the residents at the Meadows.  Erica and Ashlin walked to the Meadows with the Sacred Heart Singers.  They were both disappointed that I didn't walk with them, but I was at Justin's Preschool Halloween party at the time.  Therefore, they recruited Grandma Korth to walk with them. 
 Justin was very excited about his Halloween party.  I arrived for the party early to help students put on their costumes.

 Each student completed a small craft pumpkin project and then they got to play a ghost beanbag toss game.  Next, they ate a snack of cookies and juice boxes.  Then their bags were filled with treats.

 Lastly, the students sang some of their Halloween and Fire Safety songs that they learned for the month of October.  Justin loves to sing and do the actions for the songs.  Some of the songs they sang were:  5 Little Pumpkins, Red Fire Engine, Goblins In The House, Pick A Pumpkin, etc.
As the party progressed, Justin kept taking off parts of his costume.  First, his eye patch and then his pirate hat.  After preschool, he went to daycare for the next party of the day and then ended the night with trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.

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