Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Preschool Class

After Justin's Preschool party was over, it was time for me to clock in for work at school.  After doing a little bit of work, it was time for the afternoon preschool class' party.  I put on my witch hat and wig to go along with my black dress I wore to school that day.  I might only be the para for the afternoon class, but I still consider them my preschool class kids.

This year there are 20 students in the afternoon class.  These students are starting with the front row left to right:  Anthony, Stephanie, Kayden, Mia, Joseph

middle row left to right: Fernanda, Katrina, Oliver, Madison P., Hannah, Mickey, Irmarely

back row left to right: Madison G., Emma, Corbyn, Ty, Adrianna, Gracie, Mallory, Kara

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