Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weather Report

Okay, old man winter can pack up and go away now! On Monday we received 3 inches of snow with 40-50 mph winds. I'm not sure how they ever measured the 3 inches of snow because the wind was blowing it sideways. The roads around town were ice and snow packed. You should have heard me complaining and yelling at the cars in front of me on the way home from school that day. We almost got stuck on the ice going up a hill because the traffic in front of me was not moving.

Justin does not like the cold. He refuses to walk in the snow in his tennis shoes. Then last night he wanted to go outside with Keith to snowblow the drift in front of the garage and freaked out about the noise that the snowblower makes. This is after we get him dressed in his coat, hat, gloves and Ashlin's snow boots. He could barely move and then is outside for 30 seconds and comes back inside. All the effort was wasted!!! Note to self to go buy this little boy some snow boots of his own. His sister's Hello Kitty snow boots just look goofy on him.

This weather has definitely put the students at school in rare form also. They have been so loud at lunch the last few days that the teachers can barely stand it. On Monday, they were ALL so excited to go outside for lunch recess when the snow had just started to fall. Then on Tuesday, the windchill was too low for them to go outside and some of them were looking to forward to going outside in the snow to play. I wish they could have gone outside because they need the fresh air and they also need to be loud and blow off some steam. I do have to say that recess duty on Monday was not fun for me though. It was freezing outside!

How many days until Spring and warm temps again?

Take care,


  1. Oh no! You poor thing! It is still fairly mild here -- no snow, just windy and chilly (like in the 30's)! I bet you will have a long winter with the students. They will be climbing the walls until spring. Hang in there!

    P.S. I might have a pair of boots for Justin.

  2. I'm thinking you should consider California.


  3. I am tired of winter too. Yesterday it rained all day, last night it turned to snow and has snowed all day, and tonight all that moisture turned into a sheet of ice. YUCK!

  4. We just closed off the snowiest November on record!! I'm already done with winter and it hasn't even arrived yet!! (Although, I think 40-50 mph wind might have just sent me over the top...truly.)