Monday, December 13, 2010

Giving In

Justin and I have a morning routine and very rarely we go away from our routine. We take the girls to school and then we head to the YMCA. Justin goes to the playroom and I workout for one hour. Then we head home and I get ready for work while Justin watches cartoons and if there is time do a little housework. Last week Justin was on my case to go to the gym and ride his bike and scooter. There is a church in town that has a large gym that they open up to the public on Wednesday mornings from 9-10:30 for moms to bring their preschoolers and they can play. It just so happens that this church is right across the street from the YMCA so we drive past it every day and he sees it. Last week Justin was asking me numerous times a day if the gym was open and if we could go and play.

Wednesday morning finally arrived and we took the girls to school, ran a few errands and then headed to the gym with his bike and scooter loaded in the van. When we arrived we were the only ones there, but he hopped on his scooter and went for a ride. He was laughing and having a good time. Only a few other moms showed up which was fine because Justin has a hard time sharing his toys at the gym.After an hour of playing, we headed home so that I could eat my lunch before heading off to work. Sometimes it is okay to give in to their little wishes and go away from our normal routine. Change isn't always bad!

Take care,



  1. What a great way to burn off energy in the winter. He looks like he is having a blast.

  2. Nope, change isn't always bad.

    Love the trike pictures!

  3. Great idea and looks like he had a blast!


  4. What a great idea! Looks like he had a blast!

  5. Yep -- I agree. Change can be good! Cute pictures of your happy camper!