Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bragging On Your Kids

Today I want to brag about our third child Ashlin! She has been doing a fabulous job in her speech therapy sessions at school! Her teacher is Mrs. Johnson and Ashlin goes to her classroom every Monday and Thursday morning for 20 minutes for help with her speech.

Last year when Ashlin was in preschool she didn't hardly talk at all the first semester of school. Then her teacher noticed during the second semester that Ashlin had some problems pronouncing certain letter sounds properly. Ashlin was tested by Mrs. Johnson and it was determined that she needed some help. Therefore, Ashlin went for a few weeks last year and she has been going twice a week this school year.

Her speech has improved greatly. This school year Ashlin has worked on the letter sounds of "f", hard "g" and now last week she got to move on to "k". Each sound has to be focused on as it sounds at the beginning of a word, the middle of a word, and the end of the word. We are soooo proud of Ashlin's progress. Some letter sounds she really has to focus and try real hard to get it pronounced correctly. But, Mrs. Johnson has told me that she is making great progress.

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  1. I was in speech when I was a kid. Couldn't say the "s" sound or any like it. I would introduce myself as Cathey Cwemmonth. (Casey Clemens)

    It helped so much and I felt great after!

    Glad Ashlin is finding some relief!

  2. Yay, Ashlin! When Buttercup was very little, I realized that she couldn't say hard g or k sounds. (Because she'd been talking around a pacifier for too long!) Preschool age is a wonderful time to catch these problems...the progress happens so quickly and they feel so proud of themselves.

  3. Way to go, Ashlin. Keep up the great work!

  4. So glad she is making good progress. What a sweet picture.