Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Thing/Bad Thing

Keith and I are getting ready to leave for a long weekend away. Just the two of us. This is a GOOD thing! We have been talking all winter about going somewhere warm, but we just couldn't figure out when, where, how and all of the other details (BAD thing). But, two weeks ago we booked a nice, but short vacation for us and we leave tomorrow morning (GOOD thing). Grandma Leader is coming tomorrow morning to stay with our children until Friday afternoon when Paige will take over until late Sunday night when Keith and I will return.

Getting ready to go on vacation is exhausting (BAD thing). I have crammed more appointments, meetings, etc. into the last few days to last me weeks (BAD thing). But, it will all be worth it when I step off the plane and it is 85 degrees and sunny (GOOD thing).

In our preparations for this warm sunny vacation, Keith and I needed to try on our summer clothes. We found out that since we both have been exercising and watching what we eat that our summer clothes do not fit (both GOOD & BAD things). Keith had basically no shorts that fit and all of the new shorts that I purchased last summer for myself do not fit (GOOD thing). Therefore, last weekend I went shopping and bought Keith three new pair of shorts and a new pair of jeans all a size smaller than what he usually wears (GOOD thing). I looked for new summer shorts for myself, but there were NO women's shorts out in any of the stores here yet. I asked one employee at Herberger's why there were men's shorts and no women's shorts. She told me that the men's shorts had just came in last week and the women's shorts were not in yet. Every store had lots of capris and even swimsuits, but NO shorts (BAD thing).

Isn't it ironic how a GOOD thing of losing weight and getting to go on vacation leads to a BAD thing of wanting to buy new shorts only to find there are none to be purchased? But I was so happy to find that my shorts from last summer did not fit! Tune in tomorrow to find out where we are going on vacation.

Take care,


  1. Have fun! I need to go somewhere warm! Think that is a GREAT thing that you both need new clothes due to your great efforts at working out!


  2. Oh have fun! I would love to get away to some place warm! And YAY for none of your shorts fitting you - In the good way! :) Great job! Have fun! I cant wait to hear where you are off to!

  3. Whooo hooo! Bring on the fun and sun! Hope you have a great trip!

    We have Grandma Leader booked for next spring break. We are headed to MX! Of course, I have already started buying clothes for the trip!

  4. Not fair! I was hoping to know where you're going. Jealous! I'll be checking in tomorrow!

    Sorry I've been away from blogland.....been missing your fun posts!

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. I can't wait to hear where you are headed!