Saturday, January 23, 2016


 Justin has been anxious to get back on the wrestling mat for months.  He has been practicing for the last few weeks and his first tournament was last weekend in Battle Creek.  He weighed in at 53.9 lbs. for the day and was placed in a 4-man bracket.
 In his bracket were wrestlers from Pierce, Elkhorn Valley and Plainview.  Justin fought hard for a 7-4 win in his first match.
 Then in his second match he lost by pin and in his third match he wouldn't finish the match because he said he was hurt. 
Justin had some poor sportsmanship qualities on Sunday, such as, not finishing a match, crying when losing a match, not going up to get his 3rd place medal, etc.  He has been talked to about his behavior and had a few things taken away.  He must learn that it is okay to lose and that he will not win all matches.  This was a tough lesson, but hopefully it will make him better. 

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  1. Being a good sport about losing is a hard lesson. Hope you're having a good weekend.