Saturday, January 16, 2016

Columbus Club Tournament

 Erica and her 7th Grade friends were back in the gym last weekend for a club basketball tournament in Columbus. 
 With six teams in the 7th Grade division, the teams were divided into two brackets of three teams.  You played the teams in your pool and then you played one team in the same place coming out of the other pool
 The girls won the first game against Columbus Scotus and then lost to York in game two.  Each team in our pool split games; therefore, they had to determine points allowed to determine who played for what place.
 By one point, our Lady Knights ended up in the championship game against a select team from Grand Island.  We got killed!  No other way to put it!  The other team was taller and played way better ball than our girls.
 But, a second place medal is still something to smile about!  Plus, she talked me into a trip to Pizza Ranch after the last game with some other families which added to her smile!
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