Monday, September 7, 2015

Win #1

Cara's high school volleyball career kicked off last Thursday with a home game against Norfolk Catholic's biggest rival, Pierce.  Norfolk Catholic does not have enough freshman girls out for volleyball to field a team; therefore, the team is a combined team of freshmen, sophomores and one junior.
 All the freshman girls were nervous in their first game.  Yes, some errors were made, and yes, they will all learn from them.
 In the end, they made less errors than Pierce and earned a three set win!  In fact, all three Norfolk Catholic teams earned wins to start the season.  The JV team won in three sets and the varsity took a win in three straight sets.

On Saturday, Cara travelled with the varsity to a tournament at Columbus Scotus.  Freshmen girls take the stats for the varsity girls.  It is a chance to watch and learn.  The varsity finished 4th in the tournament out of 8 teams.
Another two games for Cara this week, both on the road.  Tuesday at Lutheran High Northeast and Thursday at Wahoo Public.  Then on Saturday, we travel to Hartington Cedar Catholic for Erica to start Junior High volleyball with a tournament.

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