Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Going to the Races

Keith came up with the idea of taking the kids to the horse races on Sunday in Columbus. The kids have never been to the horse races, but at first none of them wanted to go.  I haven't been to the races since I was in college and a group of friends went for opening day at Arksarben one year.
After a little persuading, they decided to go and what a good time they had.  The races started at 2:00 p.m. and we got there in time for the second race.  They were just bringing the horses out and walking them past the grandstand before the race for everyone to see.  Justin had only about 101 questions about everything going on.

While Justin and I are looking at the horses, finding a place to sit and answering questions about horses and racing, Keith and the girls are buying a program, getting snacks and drinks, they run into my Uncle Randy.  As it turned out, three sets of my aunts and uncles met up at the races for an afternoon to fun.  Uncle Steve and Aunt Sherrie came from Randolph, Uncle Dave and Aunt Kim came from Plainview and Uncle Randy and Aunt Marilyn drove up from Lincoln. 

Aunt Kim took the kids at one point down to the barns to check out the horses and scope out which horses looked good and might win.  Plus, she also bought them candy and snacks.  Aunt Kim is so much fun!  Kim's personality is very outgoing.  She can talk to anyone.  Her personality is just like her Dad, Valjean, who is passed away.  Uncle Dave and Aunt Kim own a bowling alley and spend many hours working there.

Aunt Sherrie is known for her cooking.  She has worked in cafes cooking for years.  You will never go hungry when she is cooking.  Aunt Sherrie and Uncle Steve became empty nesters a few weeks ago.  Sherrie said that she is loving it - less cooking, less cleaning, etc.

After college, I lived with my Uncle Randy and Aunt Marilyn for about a year and a half.  I lived in the basement at their house and came and went as I pleased.  They are both retired and have been empty nesters for a little over a year.  My uncle retired from the railroad after many years and is a free spirit.  My aunt loves to bake and we were talked about various recipes that we had made recently.

After the races, we headed to the Pawnee Lounge for a drink.  Aunt Kim said that they make the best Bloody Marys.  Also, she taught Justin, Ashlin and Erica how to play shuffleboard.

It was a great afternoon at the races!  No one came home a big winner, but it was fun picking a horse to win.

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  1. Wow -- what a fun outing and even better to run into so much family!! Ahhh-- you took me right back to remembering going to the races at Aksarben in Omaha too! Wasn't that fun! :) Have a great week!

  2. What a fun day! We love the horse races too and we need to visit our new track soon!