Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Homecoming 2015 - Cara's Freshman Year - Part II

Today is the second part of the Homecoming post because I took just a few photos of the evening. 
So the evening started with photographs at the Norfolk Country Club at 5:15.  The Freshman class went to dinner together.  Invitations were handed out to each class member.
 The parents were invited to come and take photos of the class.  We needed a photo of Cara with us, the parents.
Yes, Cara is a Daddy's girl.  She chose this dress after much searching and consideration.  We ended up ordering her dress online from Filly Flair.  She can definitely wear this dress again for other occasions.
 Presenting the class of 2019, with one girl missing from the photo.  They sure do clean up well. 
 One freshman boy, Ethan, presented each girl when she arrived with a corsage.  Cara was very surprised that they got flowers.

 After photos, the class enjoyed an Italian buffet in a private dining room at the Country Club.
 Then the class loaded up onto this trolley for a ride around Norfolk.  Emma's parents, Tom and Becky, and Keith and I went for appetizers and drinks downtown Norfolk.  We watched for the trolley and then took photos as they proceeded down Norfolk Avenue.

 Then the Freshman class was delivered to the church parking lot for 7:30 Mass.  Most of the high school students attended Mass all dressed up.
 After Mass the coronation took place in the Activities Center.  Maddie Love and Noah Pfeifer were crowned the Homecoming King and Queen.  Other queen candidates included: Haley Borer, Cailey Cahoy, Courtney Schindler, and Baily Eihlers.  Other king candidates included: Aaron Hoff, Jarrod Marsden, David Englehaupt and Matt Miller. 
After coronation the students heading across the parking lot for the dance until midnight.  After the dance, the freshman girls went to Charlie's house to change before going to the after freshman party at Raymond Lux's home until about 2:30 a.m.  Then all the freshman girls spent the night at Charlie's house. 

Cara came home Sunday morning tired, but she had a fun night.  The freshman class had to be back at the gym on Sunday afternoon for clean-up.  Tradition is that the freshman class clean up afterwards.

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