Thursday, December 5, 2013

Testing the Kindergarten

The end of the 2nd quarter at school is rapidly approaching.  Our 2nd quarter and 1st semester ends at school when we leave for Christmas break.  Therefore, the students need to be tested over various things to see if they are learning and retaining the information needed to move on to 1st Grade. 

This week I have started testing Mrs. Simon's Kindergarten students.  One day I listened to each student in the classroom count as high as they could count stopping them if they reached 200.  The goal is for each student to count to 100.  Some students can count to 100 or above while others cannot reach 100 yet. 

Yesterday, I tested Mrs. Simon's Kindergarten class on number recognition.  Many students can count quite high, but they cannot recognize the numbers as high.  I had two stacks of cards.  One stack was 0 to 10 and the other stack was 11 to 20.  All of the students could recognize 0 to 10.  The second stack was the tricky stack.  A few students knew none of the numbers in the second stack and a few students knew all of the numbers, with most of the students recognizing some of the numbers.

While testing one little girl on the second stack of 11-20, she knew every number, but number 12.  The first time she told me the number 12 was the number 20.  Then after going through all the numbers I showed her the number 12 again.  That time she looked at me funny and said, "Mrs. Leader why are you trying to trick me with that number.  There is no number two-teen."  I wanted to laugh at her comment because she was so serious about the number not being a real number.  I told her, "You are right, there is no number two-teen.  This is the number 12."  She looked again at the number confused and said, "Oh". 

I love these little students to death!  One never knows what will come out of their mouths though.

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  1. Kindergarten is such a magical year! I think two teen should be a number too!

    Hope you have a great weekend!