Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Is that really a deer, Dad?

Last night when Keith came home from work he decided to put up some Christmas decorations and lights outside.  The weather was nice and later this week we are supposed to have a cold front coming through that is going to send the temperatures plummeting.  Justin volunteered to help his Dad.
Justin helped Keith carry up lights, extension cords, etc. from the basement.  He was a cheerful little helper willing to carry anything for Dad.  Keith brought up one of the deer to put together and this is how the conversation went:
Justin:  What kind of animal is that supposed to be Dad?
Dad:  It is a reindeer, Justin.
Justin:  Are you sure that is a deer because it really looks like an elk to me?

Then Justin went on to explain why he thought it was an elk and not a deer.  Only a six-year old Kindergartner would ask that many questions while putting up Christmas decorations.

PS.  After school yesterday, I took Justin to the doctor to get his flu shot.  He told Erica and Ashlin to wait in the waiting room.  When we came out, their first question was "Did you cry?".  Justin replied, "No, I did not cry or scream or try to run away like you two did at Walgreens when you had to get yours.".  He then kept reminding them all night how he did not cry or scream or run down an aisle to get away from Mom.
Take care,


  1. Go Justin! Tough guy. That's awesome.

    And, I'm with him. Maybe it's an elk!

  2. Way to go Justin! That is funny about all the questions -- fun age and very cute reindeer!