Monday, December 9, 2013

Itty Bitty Basketball Clinic

Saturday morning it was Justin's turn to get to do something sport related.  The whole time he is saying, "Finally!".  Yes, he spends a lot of time watching his sisters play a sport and sitting on a bleacher.  You had to be in 1st Grade to play in the recreational kids league at the YMCA; so, Justin is doing the clinic again this year.
 The clinic was led Saturday morning by Randy Hagedorn, the YMCA director, and Troy Test.  Both of these guys are super great with kids.  Actually, Randy started his career at the YMCA as the preschool teacher.  He talks at their level when explaining everything and also demonstrates exactly what to do.
 First, the kids worked on passing and catching the ball.  They worked on catching the ball with their hands, not their chest or stomach and how to pass the ball, chest pass and bounce pass.
 Next, the kids worked on dribbling the ball.  Randy explained to dribble with only one hand at a time and he also explained what a double dribble is to the kids.
 Last, the kids got to shoot the ball with the backboards lowered.  Justin had a great time and is ready to go back next Saturday to clinic again.
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  1. What a fun clinic! Cute pictures!

  2. That's awesome. Jack and Lainey did something similar to it last year and working with them on the fundamentals was a big part of it. So fun!

  3. I'm sure he is so thrilled to be on the courts and in the action like his big sisters! What fun!

  4. So glad he finally has his turn to participate. It is a blessing to have such wonderful coaches. It is sometimes hard at that age to find someone that is patient with kids. Glad he is enjoying his chance to shine in sports.