Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nebraska State Fair - Part II

One of the best things about attending any fair is to find the best and outstanding exhibits, but along the way you also come across some of the most unbelievable and outlandish exhibits.  Following are a few exhibits that caught our eyes as we wandered around the State Fair.
 Under a big tent was a huge pile of sand, carved into the sand were all things that Nebraska is known for.  In this photo you can see an ear of corn, a piece of steak, and the Nebraska State Capital building.  Some other items carved included: a Nebraska license plate, a pig, a dairy cow, etc.
 This huge pig was made out of cans of Bush's baked beans. 
 This is the twig lady.  She was covered in twigs, leaves and face paint while walking on stilts.  She blended right into the wall.  Many people were gathered around watching her pose and snapping photos.

 This is a photo of the largest steer in the State of Nebraska.  This steer weighs in at 3,000 pounds.  It eats 60-70 pounds of feed per day and is 4 years old.  We could view this steer for free, but you had to pay $2 to view the smallest horse.  We didn't pay the $2 to see the horse.
 Justin waited patiently for his chance to pet this bucket calf.  He touched the calf and then walked away and told me how soft the calf felt.
 A new thing at the fair this year was a sky tram.  You could ride the tram one way for $8 for adults and $3 for kids.  We also skipped riding the sky tram because the sky tram only traveled about two blocks or less (what a rip off).
The kids all got a cup of Roberts ice cream inside the 4-H building for $1 a piece.  This huge Roberts cow was on display outside the 4-H building.  Grandpa Korth hauls ice cream for Roberts dairy and the guy working the ice cream booth even knew Grandpa.

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