Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day/Grandfather's Day Breakfast

 Mrs. Jessen's Fantastic 5th Graders held a Father's Day/Grandfather's Day breakfast early one morning before school was out for the year.  Mrs. Jessen baked muffins, pigs-in-a-blanket, etc. for the breakfast.  The class presented a class video with highlights of the year in their room.  Mrs. Jessen presented prizes to guests in attendance for: traveling the farthest, oldest guest, etc.  Grandpa Leader won a loaf of cinnamon bread for traveling the farthest.  The breakfast started at 7:00 a.m. so everyone had to get up early, especially Grandpa Leader.  Grandpa Korth got to attend also before heading off to work.  Keith took the whole day off from work because it was also Erica's track and field day.
Each student had to introduce his/her guests.  Each guest was presented with a booklet made by his/her 5th grader also.  Then the class performed a candle ceremony and sang a song "One Candle".  It was a great event to honor their dads and grandfathers.

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  1. These are such wonderful events that your school does.