Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bullfrog T-ball

Playing catch to warm-up before the game.
 Justin is playing Itty Bitty T-ball at the YMCA for 3 & 4 year-olds.  They went through try-out evaluations one Saturday and then were divided into teams.  Each team has about 11 boys on it.  The teams practiced for two weeks and started playing games last week.
Justin playing 1st base.
 Justin's games are on Monday and Thursday nights at 5:30 on the baseball fields behind the YMCA.  He has been having so much fun playing T-ball.  Justin is just so excited to be involved in an activity like his big sisters.
Arrived at 1st base safely.
 The boys at this age are just learning how to play so the rules are a little different.  They don't keep score, no one is out, every player bats every inning, etc.
 The coaches figured out that having the players stand by these orange cones helps them stay in position.  This eliminates everyone going after every ball and staying in position much better.
 In this photo, the ball was hit to Justin and he picked the ball up and ran to 1st base and did get the runner out.  Some of the kids have learned to run the ball to the base to get someone out instead of throwing the ball because they are too little to catch the ball.  Justin did get 3 kids out the other night and he knew it.
 Totally missed the ball with this swing.  We are still trying to figure out if Justin is right or left handed.  Sometimes he bats right handed and sometimes left handed.
 This time he hit the ball.
He usually has to watch where it goes before he takes off running to 1st base.

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  1. Cute pictures of your little slugger! I wonder if he will be a lefty like Carson!