Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coloring Contest Bowling Party

 At Easter time, our local shopper paper held a coloring contest and Erica won 1st place in her age division.  Her prize included an hour of bowling for up to five people, shoe rental, and pop at our local bowling alley.  She collected on her prize a few weeks ago with some friends and her siblings.  Erica invited Reese, Piper, Sienna, Charli, and Reilly.
 The girls had so much fun cheering each other on and giving out high-fives for success.  Bumpers were used for those under the age of 10.  Justin and I just watched and cheered.

 Daddy even enjoyed bowling with the kids even though his score wasn't very high.
 Ashlin likes to use the granny style approach when rolling her bowling ball.
 After the hour of bowling, we treated the kids to pizza to round out the party before taking everyone home for the night.
It was a great party and a great way to start off summer by having some fun at the bowling alley.

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  1. We just got bowling passes from the school for graduation. Must try it out! Looks like so fun!