Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monster Trucks

Last Friday night, Keith and Justin went to see the Monster Trucks with Scott and Tyler at the county fairgrounds.  Justin was so excited to go.  It was a guys night out.

Since I didn't attend the event, there are no photos only the commentary of a 4 year-old to go by on how exciting the evening was.  Justin informed me when he got home that the monster trucks were really loud.  The big trucks crushed and drove over cars.  There were also motorcycles and 4-wheelers jumping.

This event was held at our county fairgrounds indoor arena which is not that large.  I was surprised to hear that they could hold an event like this.  Keith said that at times the fumes from the trucks was very bad and that the area was not large enough.  But the main thing was that our 4 year old had a blast even if he was mad that Dad wouldn't buy him a $15 monster truck to bring home.

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  1. Oh Logan would love to go to one of these but the thought of all those fumes just makes me sick. I think I will let his dad take him to one!!! Glad Justin had a great time. I bet you can find that same monster truck at Walmart for $5.