Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ashlin's 7th Birthday

Ashlin's 7th birthday was on Tuesday!  She had been counting the days since Erica's birthday 3 weeks ago and she started stalking the mailbox about a week before.  At our house on your birthday we go out to eat as a family for supper and the birthday person gets to pick the restaurant.  Ashlin picked to eat at Culver's (it had to be a restaurant that had ice cream) for the night.
She also got to pick out her birthday cake.  Ashlin chose a Blizzard Chocolate Extreme ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  It was very delicious.
Of course, they all wanted a chance to blow out the candles.  No big birthday party this year, just low key with the family. 

It is hard to believe that Ashlin is 7 years old already.  It seems just like yesterday that we were rushing to the hospital on that early morning Sunday hour.  My water broke and an hour later Ashlin made her appearance weighing in at 9 pounds.  She won't let us call her "Bubba" anymore, but she will let Justin (sometimes) call her "Ash".  Ashlin was an easy baby to take care of and she still has an easy going personality.  She can occupy herself and always finds something to do on her own.  She loves to read, to color, to play games, etc.

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  1. Happy birthday to your easy going girl! Hope you had a great weekend!