Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Basketball Update/300th Post

After spending three weekends in a row at club basketball tournaments, we had last weekend off.  I love watching the girls improve with each game.  But after 3 tournaments, their record is 0-9.  They have come so close to winning, but have not succeeded yet.  They have one tournament left and we are all hoping for a win.  They keep practicing two to three times per week and they continue to improve.  Other teams have even commented on how much they have improved.  It seems that they play the same teams in almost every tournament.  Losing can be very tough, but the girls have shown good sportsmanship and never played unfair or given up.  They just have to keep trying their best.

On a side note, this is my 300th post!  I cannot believe that I have made it to 300 posts.  I don't post every day and sometimes I go stretches without posting for days or weeks, but I always come back.  I don't scrapbook so this is my scrapbook.  I like that I can post photos and comments.

Take care,


  1. Happy 300th post. I know it is fun watching the kids in sports, but it is also fun to have some time off on the weekends.

  2. Congratulations on making 300! I've loved your posts about your kids' accomplishments and milestones. I never got to posting a comment, but your post about the kids' swim lessons took me back to the days of my own little kids bravely jumping off the diving board, bravely kicking away from the side, and oh-so-proud of their triumphs. Thanks for sharing!