Thursday, February 16, 2012


Monday night was the last night of this session of gymnastics, so, parents could stay and watch the progress that the gymnasts have made.  Usually, we drop off and dash. 
Ashlin warming up.
More warm up activities.
The bars may be Ashlin's favorite.  She loves to swing and climb.
Trying to balance on the beam is hard.
Erica also enjoys the bars.

I love Erica with this pose on the balance beam.
After doing a bridge then they had to turn it into a walk over. 

Both girls are showing improvement and have both signed up for the next six week session.  Next session they will both be in the same class since Ashlin is having a birthday soon which will bump her up a level to beginner.  Gymnastics helps them build tummy muscles and improve flexibility, strength and balance. 

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  1. Cute pictures! We heart gymnastics too and tumble into fall every year!