Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catholic Schools Week

Last week was Catholic Schools Week and the week was loaded with activities for the students and their families.  The week always kicks off on Sunday with a Soup Luncheon after Mass.
A penny war was held at both the grade school and the high school and all the money raised was donated to the Humane Society to build a new shelter for homeless pets.  Sister Kevin came and spoke to the students about the cause.  At the end of the week the students at the grade school had raised over $1,000.
Sister Jania came another day and spoke to the students about vocations.
One morning the parents were greeted by the teachers while dropping off with a cup of coffee and a candy bar as a thank you for sending their children to Sacred Heart.
Archbishop Curtiss was at school one day to bless the new oratory (chapel) in the elementary school.
The Archbishop stayed into the afternoon and watched the high school peer ministers put on a living rosary.  This was a truly amazing experience to watch and listen to.  Candles were placed on the gym floor in the shape of a rosary and then lit one by one as the rosary was recited by all in attendance.  As the rosary was being said each mystery was acted out on the stage by a group of high school students.
Afterwards the Archbishop answered questions from the students on a variety of topics.  For example, If his hat is heavy, if he wasn't the Archbishop what job would he have, what his hobbies were, etc.
On Friday the entire school had an assembly put on by the "Spoon Man".  He had a great catholic message for the older students and was very entertaining for all the students.

It was a great week with many activities.  I have said before that I am glad that we chose to send our children to a faith-based school.  Yes, it is sometimes hard, but definitely worth the sacrifice to have our children in an environment where it is okay to pray and talk about their faith.

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Sorry these photos are so small.  When I copied them from the school's website this is what happened.  I tried to enlarge them and then they became distorted.

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