Monday, February 6, 2012

Ashlin's Big Day

Last Thursday, February 2nd, was a BIG DAY for Ashlin.  Last Thursday was the day that Ashlin graduated from Speech Class at school.  This was a huge accomplishment for her.  We were not surprised when Ashlin was tested for her speech and we found out that she needed to go to speech therapy class twice a week.
Ashlin receiving her graduation certificate from Mrs. Johnson.  On Thursday, it was the last day of speech for 4 students in the building.  Mrs. Johnson was sad to lose some students, but she was so proud of them and their accomplishments.
In honor of Ashlin's last day of speech, she gave a speech in front of her class.  Ashlin's class had no idea where she went when she would leave the room.  Ashlin has been going to speech class since she was in preschool and she has been the only student in her grade level to attend speech.
Following is Ashlin's speech that she gave in front of her class:

I started speech in the third quarter of Preschool. My speech teacher was Mrs. Johnson. I could not say the sounds of f,th, g,m,and k. I went to speech on Mondays and Thursdays. I did worksheets on the sound that I was on for that week. Sometimes we played games. I had problems saying words such as: girl and frog.

I still did speech in Kindergarten. I still had Mrs. Johnson as my teacher. In Kindergarten I worked on the sounds th,g,and f. I did not have to work on the sounds k and m anymore! I still did worksheets and played games. I still went to speech on Mondays and Thursdays.

In First Grade Mrs. Johnson was still my teacher and I worked on the sounds f, k, and m. In First Grade I only went to speech on Thursdays. I did words on cards. I also played on Mrs. Johnson's i-Pod Touch. One Thursday Mrs. Johnson told my mom that I would NOT have to go to speech anymore.

Speech is for people that do not know how to say certain sounds. Mrs. Johnson helps people like me who do not know how to say certain sounds.

I do not have to go to speech any more.

I thank Mrs. Johnson for helping me for the three years that I was in speech.
After Ashlin was finished, Mrs. Miller, showed the class Ashlin's speech that she wrote with very little help, except for Cara typing it for her.  Ashlin then answered any questions that the class had for her.

Daddy videotaped her speech while Mommy took pictures to remember Ashlin's big day.  In honor of Ashlin's big day she provided snacks for the class in the afternoon.

We were all sooooo proud of her that day! 

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  1. That is the sweetest speech ever! Way to go, Ashlin!

  2. Catching up on my blog reading after a hectic week and I just have to say how much I loved Ashlin's speech! My Buttercup couldn't say her "hard" sounds when she was little...while some people had kitties in their yards, we had "titties". Also, some little girls were "good girls", but I had a "dood dirl". Now we're tackling a lisp, so we know a bit about speech issues. Isn't it wonderful to watch them grow and learn to trackle their challenges.