Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Grandma Leader and Cousin Holly have a tradition of decorating Christmas cookies.  This year with Holly coming home early the cookies were ready to be decorated early.  Also Grandma Leader has started a cookie exchange annual program on the Guenther side.  This next Saturday will be the 3rd annual event.
Shortly after the dinner dishes were done, the cookies and decorating supplies came out.  Cara, Erica, Ashlin, Holly and Aunt Sharlene started work on the ice cream buckets of cookies to be frosted.
Ashlin working intently on her cookie.
Erica and Holly taking a break for a photo opportunity.  My girls were inseparable from Holly the whole day.  They have missed seeing her and bugged her constantly.
Cara creating another masterpiece.
Justin was kind enough to hand out finished cookies to other guests and even enjoyed eating quite a few himself.  Thank you to Grandma Leader for sending quite a few home with us to enjoy this week.
Justin playing Lego's with Michael.  Justin kept asking for someone to play with him.  He sat on the Winnie the Pooh step stool and saved the Dora stool for a friend.  Michael played Lego's until Justin crashed the airplane that he had created.
Zac also got the opportunity to sit down and join in the building fun.  Grandma Leader made a good investment when she purchased the Lego's and the table from Eli.  This corner of the laundry room got a lot of use that day.  It was a great day to spend with family. 

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  1. It looks like the kids had loads of fun!

    Cory whipped up dough last night and the punks and I rolled out and cut cookies all afternoon today! So much fun!