Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pie in the Eye

Since the countdown is on to the start of school next week, for the next week I will be posting events from the end of last school year.
Every year the PE teacher, Ms. Freese, sponsors a Jump Rope for Heart event at school. This year Cara and Ashlin participated in the event. Usually kindergartners do not get involved in this event because some of them cannot jump rope very well. Each participant is placed on a team and one team member must be jumping at all times. The event lasts three hours. Throughout the event the kids have chances to win prizes in drawings and for raising the most money. At the end of the school year, the school has an assembly in which the student who raises the most money in each classroom gets to choose a teacher to receive a "pie in the eye" from that student. There is a group of teachers that volunteer for this event. Ashlin raised the most money for her classroom so she got to sit in the front row for the event. Ashlin's class is sitting in the row behind her.

Cara and Erica had been working on Ashlin for over a week on which teacher she should pick to "pie in the eye". After all of the teachers participating had put on trash bags, protective eye wear, and taken a seat in the gym, I knew which teacher she would pick.

Ashlin chose to "pie in the eye" Mrs. Pfeifer. She teaches 2nd Grade, but she is also one of our neighbors. My kids know Mrs. Pfeifer as Nicole or Tyler and Jackson's Mom. The kids at school love this event!

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