Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adventureland 2011

Every other year we head to Des Moines, Iowa, and go to Adventureland. We love this theme park! When they designed this theme park they did an awesome job. The trees and park benches are placed just right so that you always have a place to rest in the shade.
Our first stop when we enter the park is the carasol. The kids and I boarded the ride first thing.

Justin and Erica riding the trucks. The first time Justin tried to go on this ride the ride wasn't working, but later on he got to ride.

Justin loved riding on the Red Baron airplanes. He learned quick that if he wanted to ride again to get off and run to get back in line. I would hate to guess how many times he rode the tea cups that day.

All four of the kids on the Frog Hopper ride. This has to be their all time favorite ride! We talked Cara into riding one time so we could take this picture. Justin would get on and giggle when the ride started.

Cara and Erica rode a lot of rides together. I can't even guess how many times they rode the Scrambler that day. After being at the park for a little over 7 hours, we headed for home. We were all hot and tired after a fun day at Adventureland.

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  1. I completely agree! Adventureland is the perfect place for little kids! There is plenty of shade too! We will have to go together sometime since we go every year!