Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot Summer Nights

A few years ago, Keith purchased a water slide for the kids to use in the backyard with friends. The temperature must be very hot outside for Keith to put up the slide because the water is so cold. This summer Keith had to do a few repairs to the slide. The plastic tubing that carries the water to various parts of the slide needed to be replaced.

A couple weeks ago after much begging from our children and a few neighborhood kids, Keith put up the water slide one Saturday night. This photo shows the line of kids waiting for their turn to go down the slide and cool off.

Some of the parents of these children came over to help supervise the fun and also to drink adult beverages on our deck. The slide entertained the kids for hours.

This is Justin's first year to enjoy the slide. Last summer he was still too chicken to go down, but not this summer.

The temperature in Nebraska for the first part of the week is extremely HOT! Temps in the upper 90's with the heat index reaching into the 100-110 degree range. After being on vacation for the past two weeks, Keith headed back to work this morning. I think that the kids and I will be hanging out at the swimming pool for the next few afternoons.

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