Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Readers Theatre

Erica participates in Title I Reading at school. Erica does not read at current grade level, therefore, she gets extra help from Mrs. Ericksen at school. Erica goes upstairs to Mrs. Ericksen's room and practices her reading every day. Erica also gets extra help from Mrs. Peister, a para-professional, every day at school. Mrs. Guenther and Mrs. Johnson also have helped us find ways to improve Erica's reading. We cannot say enough good things about these ladies that help Erica every day at school. They have helped her gain confidence in her reading and they have also helped her start to enjoy reading.

All of the students that participate in the Title I Reading Program had a Readers Theatre a few weeks ago to show off their reading skills. Each student read a poem for the parents, teachers and siblings in attendance. Erica did a great job reading her poem!

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  1. You should be so proud of her. My best friend teaches Title 1 and it is so much fun to see what she does with her students, it is such a wonderful program.

  2. Go, Erica, go! Carson had extra help last year and his reading teacher was fabulous! Reading is sooo important!

  3. Way to go! What a fun way for the kids to show of their skills.