Monday, February 7, 2011

4-H Project Day

Anyone that has known for me for a long time knows that I was an active 4-H member. My brother and sister were also both active members. My Mom was a 4-H leader for years. I think 4-H turned me into a better person. Through 4-H I learned many valuable lessons in cooking, sewing, baking, crocheting, gardening, etc. The list goes on and on. My Mom admits that she never would have taken the time to show me how to do all of these things.

I could not wait for Cara to be old enough to join 4-H. But, when Cara was old enough to join, she chose to join Girl Scouts. This was fine with me because she was learning skills that would turn her into a better person. This year, however, Cara chose to not be in Girl Scouts any longer and joined 4-H instead. I was so excited because I know a lot about 4-H and I knew nothing about Girl Scouts.

When Cara and I went to the County Extension Office and signed her up for 4-H Project Day, I was more excited than Cara. Project Day was from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. You could sign up for as many or as few projects as you wanted. There was a fee for each project. Cara signed up for six projects for a total fee of $32. I left the office thinking about how at the end of one Saturday Cara was going to have six items ready for the fair and I had only spent $32. All of the supplies with directions and help was supplied by the County Extension Office.

Secretly, I have been counting the days until Project Day. Cara and I packed a lunch because I knew that we would be there all day working on her list of projects. I am going to share one project each day with you.

Cara picked this sand art project because we knew that it would be easy and look cool in her room. First, Cara had to pick a container and what color combinations of sand she wanted to use. Then decide what color of sand you want for the bottom layer. Hold the funnel inside the neck of the bottle with one hand and slowly add sand to the jar a little at a time. Pour enough colored sand in to cover the bottom of the jar and be visible on the sides. Continue layering the colored sand taking care not move the bottle around too much or too quickly. If you do, the colors will mix together. When the sand got higher, Cara used a tool to make the sand blend.

She had fun choosing the colors plus she completed a fun and easy project. She was very pleased at the finished project. Tune in tomorrow for another fun project.

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  1. How exciting! I hope Cara loves 4-H as much as you do! That's what happened to me -- I wasn't in 4-H when growing up. There is no hope for me!

  2. Look how proud she is. Such a great thing to be part of.

  3. So neat! the sand jar turned out so well. Can't wait to see more!